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Rewind can be a good solution for businesses producing large volumes of product.

rewind roll stock film

Features & Benefits

Rewind is used for vertical form-fill- and seal machines and horizontal form-fill- seal machines. The machinery required is dependent on the final pack format. Options include: pillow pack, quad seal, three side seal, with and without zip.

This pack option is ideal for large volume long runs, rewind reduces overall packaging cost per unit and increases flexibility by enabling a packaging size and format that can be customised. Rewind offers improved efficiency over pre-made bags with reduced wastage. This is a proven format for a large variety of product types.

Smart Packaging Solutions

Rewind can be a good solution for businesses producing large volumes of product. Although there is an initial capital investment required for machinery, increasing automation in the packing line reduces labour costs, increases speed and ultimately decreases unit cost by forming the bag in the vertical form-fill-seal machine.

Packaging Processes

Used for dry/wet products and can suit :
Ambient fill (up to 60°C), warm fill (60°C-75°C), hot fill (85°C-100°C) and will not deform or leak during and/or after filling.
Suitable for plain liquids, semi-solid products at retort processing levels at 121°C for 40 minutes.
Suitable for ambient, chilled and frozen products due to the wide range of film structures available. Construction is tailored to end use.
Designed to retain MAP gas as long as possible, the correct barrier laminate construction will keep product in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

Packaging Options

Single ply, two-ply, three-ply, four-ply barrier and non-barrier structures, co-extruded 7, 9 and 11 barrier film structures

Packaging Film Finishes

Plain, printed up to 10 colours, matt, gloss, matt/gloss highlights, paper