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Semi Rigid

This is an innovative format for on-the- go products with a range of easy peel/resealable options.

Features & Benefits

Semi rigid packaging is typically classified as 250 um-480 um films. Usually used to form bottom trays with the use of a thermoformer machine. Paired with a lidding film to seal over the top. Semi rigid packaging can be constructed from various films including co-ex and laminate film. Coloured rigid bottom web is also available.

Snell Flexibles supply a range of flexible barrier films and solutions to extend the shelf-life and appeal of food products. Barrier films are available in a wide range of gauges and formats.

Standard barrier eg. Two Ply Laminate structures

High barrier eg. Two – Four Ply Laminate Structures including EVOH/NYLON

Super-high barrier eg. Two – Four Ply Laminate structures including coated/metalized films.

Smart Packaging Solutions

This is an innovative format for on-the- go products with a range of easy peel/resealable options. Semi-rigid packaging protects products that are delicate or easy to crush. High clarity film displays food products well, allowing this pack format to stand out on the shelf — whether it is stacked or presented as a hangsell. Well-suited for strong graphic presentation, semi rigid film supports MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) and extended shelf life product requirements. This form of packaging also offers easy stacking and great carton utilization and efficiency.

Packaging Processes

Used for dry & semi-solid wet products and can suit :
Ambient fill (up to 60°C), warm fill (60°C-75°C), and will not deform or leak during and/or after filling.
This suitable for ambient and chilled products due to the wide range of film structures available. Construction is tailored to end use.
Designed to retain MAP gas as long as possible, the correct barrier laminate construction will keep product in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

Packaging Options

Single ply, two-ply, three-ply, four-ply barrier and non-barrier structures, co-extruded 7, 9 and 11 barrier film structures

Packaging Film Finishes

Plain, printed up to 10 colours, matt, gloss, matt/gloss highlights, paper