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Spouted Pouches

Spouted pouches are appealing for the consumer and have applications across almost every market.

spouted pouch packaging

Features & Benefits

Spouted pouches are fully customisable in size and can be tailored to suit any die cut shape or form. Suitable for holding product from 80g to 2kgs. These pouches can be used for liquids and dry goods with multiple spout sizes (8mm to 20mm diameter) to suit product requirements. Using pouches to replace other packaging formats such as tin cans provides an opportunity to reduce packaging material by up to 85%. Snell Flexibles is a partner in the Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme which means that pouches are now fully recyclable in New Zealand and Australia.

Spouted pouches provide large printable faces for strong brand impact on the shelf. At Snell Flexibles we deliver crisp, on-brand, photographic quality imagery through gravure printing.

Spouted pouches offer both spout filling and top filling options. Available loose in cartons or on rails to suit manual and automated packing lines.

Spouted pouches can be constructed using multiple film/laminate types for customised barrier protection.

Optional Packaging Features

Shaped Pouch

Smart Packaging Solutions

In smaller sizes, this up-and- coming pack format is great for snack products like children’s yoghurts or fruit purees. In larger sizes, spouted pouches are also very useful for easy, no-mess refill products. For the consumer, these packs offer an accurate, convenient way to measure quantity delivery by decanting into measuring cups. Spouted pouches are appealing for the consumer and have applications across almost every market. A great way to add-value to the end-user and a real crowd-pleaser.

Packaging Processes

Spouted pouches are suitable for:
Ambient fill (up to 60°C), warm fill (60°C-75°C), hot fill (85°C-100°C) and will not deform or leak during and/or after filling.
Suitable for plain liquids, semi-solid products at retort processing levels at 121⁰C for 40 minutes.
Spouted pouches are suitable for ambient, chilled and frozen products due to the wide range of film structures available. Construction is tailored to end use.
We work to understand customer processes so that we can deliver packaging in a form that fits your automation requirements. Our experienced Flexibles team will help customers optimise their packaging and processes to minimise downtime. We have a wide understanding of all packaging systems, so we can often solve technical problems before they occur.

Packaging Options

Single ply, two-ply, three-ply, four-ply barrier and non-barrier structures, co-extruded 7, 9 and 11 barrier film structures

Packaging Film Finishes

Plain, printed up to 10 colours, matt, gloss, matt/gloss highlights, paper